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Sarvia apertura negozio biesse


A story of success, expansion in Italy and abroad, and services for the sector operators

In 1980 Beppe Sarvia with his sister Agnese set up Bi Esse, as a sole trader, in Fossano in the province of Cuneo. Their hard work to enter the reference market soon brings encouraging results, and in 1984 the warehouse is enlarged and the company changes its status to a general partnership.

1986 marks the beginning of the firm’s expansion within Italy: the competitor Fieb is acquired and the first Bi Esse branch is opened in Bra. In the following years numerous branches are opened in northern Italy: Ceva, Cuneo, Rivoli, Asti, Savona, Alessandria, Brescia, Mantua, Genoa Campi, Orbassano, Sestri Levante, Turin North and Moncalieri.

In 1988 the historic headquarters of Bi Esse in Fossano are completed and the firm has a covered warehouse of 3,000 square metres. In the same year Gigi Trigàri enters Bi Esse to work alongside Beppe Sàrvia in the running of the business.

Technological evolution and specific customer needs require the creation of divisions specialising in the various areas of application. As from 1992, with the Cables Division, other divisions are gradually set up: Lighting, Industrial Automation, Security, Home Automation and Wiring, Air Conditioning and Aerials.

On the basis of the success achieved and to consolidate its financial position, in 1993 Bi Esse becomes a joint-stock company.
In the meantime the emerging markets of Eastern Europe attract attention with their development opportunities for the distribution of electrical material: in 1995 the first Bi Esse foreign company is opened in Tirana, Albania. The positive results lead to the opening of companies also in Plzen, Czech Republic, and Timisoara, Romania.

1998 marks an important step for Bi Esse: it opens new headquarters in Fossano with a covered warehouse area of over 25,000 square metres.
In the meantime in the new millennium the firm’s expansion continues in Italy, with the opening of further branches: Coccaglio, Genoa East, Pedrengo and Agrate Brianza.

The development of photovoltaic plants, wind generators and biomass heating systems requires the opening of a specific division in 2007: the New Technologies and Renewable Energies Division. The interest in energy production and consumption, both at technological and legislative level, continues to increase and in 2013, on the basis of its experience in this last Division, Bi Esse sets up Bi Esco, a consulting company operating specifically in the field of energy efficiency.